Celebrate bachelor parties, weddings, 15th birthdays, anniversaries or the theme of your choice, in the most spectacular and original location, aboard a luxury yacht in Cancun.

If you are one of the people who prefer to hold an unusual celebration, so that each guest is truly surprised with a memorable experience, then the destination of your next invitation cards is Cancun, to celebrate sailing on a magnificent Delamaryachts yacht the Caribbean Sea

A date to remember

With the most impressive walks and views of the Caribbean Sea, in the paradisiacal Islands of Cozumel or Isla Mujeres, in the most exotic places for complete recreation and with absolute privacy. Your guests will simply not stop remembering those special and unique moments.

If the celebration is approximately 30 people, you can choose our spectacular 100-ft yacht Capricho, it’s a real luxury! To see details, enter here.

Variety for your choice

Whether you have in mind to celebrate something intimate or, on the contrary, the party is full blown, Delamaryachts offers you a variety of sizes of luxury yachts to choose from, all with air conditioning and the comfort you deserve. It has a select crew prepared to always serve with the excellence that characterizes Chartiers del Mar. To see our complete fleet of luxury yachts, click here.

Premium services

Delamaryachts with more than 30 years of experience in the sea, so your peace of mind is guaranteed. Each luxury yacht has snorkeling services, inflatables, recreational fishing equipment, drinks included: 24 beers, 24 soft drinks, 24 bottles of water and ice. (decoration, Chef, DJ and photo and/or video services is optional).