The most anticipated day has arrived! Everything is ready to say yes, the dream wedding dress, the guest list, the ceremony location and in the middle of all the preparations there is a celebration that cannot be overlooked, “The Bachelorette Party”. For an event that you will celebrate once in a lifetime, it must be unforgettable for both you and each of your friends. For this, there will be no more original, sophisticated and fun idea than celebrating aboard a luxurious yacht sailing the spectacular blue waters of Cancun

Rent your own luxury yacht in Cancun

Feel the pleasant sea breeze, toast with champagne, listen to your favorite music, take the best photos and videos in the most exotic landscapes of the Caribbean, experience the privilege of anchoring on exclusive beaches, all this and more is provided by Delamaryachts, we are a consolidated company with years of experience in maritime activities on the coasts of Cancun and we offer you the rental service of modern and luxurious yachts to enjoy a world-class celebration, where the only worry will be that the day does not end.

Guaranteed Experience

Delamaryachts offers you a unique and exclusive experience to celebrate with your friends a day full of fun, where every detail was designed for your absolute tranquility with exquisite appetizer catering, open bar for national drinks and the additional option of decorating with the theme of your liking, DJ on board and much more! Celebrating your bachelorette party on a luxurious yacht in the Caribbean Sea is the most practical and elegant option, where we will take care of everything necessary so that your enjoyment and that of your guests is guaranteed.

Cost for “Bachelorette Party” Package

Yatch8 hours6 hours4 hours
Sea Mami$2,763 USD$2,600 USD$2,438 USD
Sea Daddy$2,600 USD$2,438 USD$2,275 USD
Tata$2,194 USD$2,031 USD$1,869 USD
*The maximum capacity is up to 10 guests, for a larger number of guests it may apply an extra cost. Decoration and DJ services are additional.

A day for your complete relaxation

Planning a wedding generally requires a lot of energy, disconnecting on a day designed just for you and your complete relaxation, laughter and fun is necessary to pamper yourself, get the perfect tan and regain energy in the unbeatable company of your accomplice friends. Without having the slightest worry, our crew is certified and trained to assist you and provide you with a luxury service.

Celebrate in style

Prepare in style the prelude to one of the most important days of your life! Do not hesitate! If you’re reading this far, you know that celebrating on a luxury yacht in Cancun is the best idea for your Bachelorette Party! And Delamaryachts is Cancun’s best option for luxury yacht rentals. Request the availability of our yachts for your date and make your reservation here.