Luxury, comfort and privacy is what you enjoy during the Delamaryachts “Romantic Cruise” experience. A luxury yacht specially prepared to share with that special person and escape together from routine to immerse yourself in a romantic experience.

Swim, taste and toast!

Sailing on the crystal clear and warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, snorkeling, lying in the sun and many more things… To then enjoy an exquisite meal with sea specialties, elegant presentation and taste a sparkling wine to toast and celebrate those intimate and intimate moments unforgettable. The dessert is infallible in this experience, to give that touch of sweetness that everyone loves, and they can choose between exotic strawberries with chocolate or bonbons.

The Ideal Moment

The “Romantic Cruise” experience can be enjoyed during the day, but it is in the hours near sunset where a perfect atmosphere is produced that complements the romance with wonderful views.

More details

It is recommended to have a minimum of 6 hours of experience for full enjoyment. Always thinking of offering the best Chartiers del Mar additionally includes:

  • 24 bottles of Water
  • 24 Refreshments
  • 24 Beers
  • Ice
  • Snorkel equipment
  • Floats and paddle board
  • Romantic Montage (dinner with candlelight or decoration with rose petals)
  • Video and photography material (Optional with additional cost)

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